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  • Wed, 10 Nov
    We all agree that in the ideal world all foot wounds are seen by advanced care podiatrists, but we know that sometimes access to these experienced clinicians is difficult to achieve in a timely manner. We aim to bring to you the best practice guidelines around care of these foot wounds.


Update: Face to face seminars

In the current uncertain environment, we have decided to only run webinars for 2021. We are very keen to run face to face seminars and workshops and really hope a settled environment will allow for the planning of these events to take off in 2022. Please know we want to get together with you just as much as you. We know many of you miss meeting our corporate colleagues and see all the new products and devices on the market, so not long to go and we hope to have face-to-face seminars running in February 2022. We thank you for your patience.