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  • Dressings
    Wed, 24 Aug
    Blackburn North
    The most common topic asked for at any wound training session. This is a full day where we discuss the dressings by classification and function and naturally brand name.
  • Lower leg ulceration
    Wed, 19 Oct
    Blackburn North
    In this one day program we naturally will cover the pathophysiology of the most common reasons why people get lower leg ulceration, we will also discuss the various management pathways and then give you a quick glimpse into the other lesser known reasons for ulceration.
  • Pressure injuries
    Wed, 23 Nov
    Blackburn North
    There are approximately 113 recommendations within the international pressure injury guidelines. Do you know these recommendations and what you should be doing about prevention and management of pressure injuries? If not, this one days seminar is for you.


Update: Face to face seminars are back in July 2022

We are excited to re-energise our face-to-face learning that is so often requested by many of you. We absolutely recognise the enormous stress and difficult times our Aged and Acute care nurses have faced for the past two years but even more so in the past 6 months with levels of exhaustion peaking for so many of you. With this in mind, we plan to bring back Seminars in July so that we are ready for learning again. A reminder that these seminars have limited spots and do book out. Please remember to book in early whilst spots are available. We look forward to welcoming you back in July 2022.